Speedy Ortiz

With a classic grungey sound that’s garnered comparisons to Pavement, The Pixies, and Helium, Speedy Ortiz has stood out in an era dominated by the sounds of the future.

Having started out as a solo project of frontwoman, Sadie Dupuis, in 2011, a couple of independent releases and expansion into a full band seemed to come about as easy as a beginning guitar player learning “Wonderwall” for the first time. The band’s most current formation is comprised of Dupuis, Mike Falcone, Darl Ferm, and Devin Mcknight. After releasing EP, Sports, on Boston’s Exploding in Sound label, the group found a home at Car Park Records (home of fellow ID headliners, Cloud Northings) for their last few releases, including 2015’s full length, Foil Deer. Recorded over a three week period in Brooklyn with producer Nicholas Vernhe, the album garnered much acclaim for its aggressive and jumpy approach. A commitment to becoming full-time musicians culminated in being named NOISEY’s “Artist of the year” in 2015.

While Speedy Ortiz’s musical story might be somewhat simple, the platform that Speedy Ortiz has built based on their music, intellectual lyricism, activism, and empowerment is the stuff of legends. A recent commitment to creating safe spaces at their shows with proper signage, a harassment hotline (that goes to all the band members and tour manager), and even Dupuis herself monitoring the crowds, has set forth a movement with bands like Modern Baseball and Say Anything following their lead. Tours in support of the “Girls Rock Camp Foundation,” and the band’s critiques of gender bias in the media have highlighted a commitment to the advancement of feminism and creating an equal platform in the modern music industry.

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