Rashad’s climb has been one of grind and relentless effort to position himself as a brimming R&B artist and hip hop producer. But it didn’t go in the direction one might think. In fact, almost the opposite.

Rashad was “discovered” at a very young age and inked a deal with RCA records. As a talented singer, rapper, and producer, Rashad found himself bouncing around the major label system. While he was landing on tunes with artists like Jadakiss and Mase, neither RCA, or future labels Columbia and Universal, could figure out what to do with the multi-dimensional artist. Albums ended up never being released, and frustration below the surface was growing.

Rashad finally got out of the system and landed on his feet as an independent artist. With the shackles off, Rashad has been able to explore various styles and mix and match them with his and other talents. He’s released two full length albums under his name, including his 2015 effort, The Quiet Loud, which received positive reviews from numerous hip hop publications. As a producer, he has also stayed busy at the helm for artists like LE for the Uncool, Bizzy Bone, and Maybach Music Group’s Stalley.

Rashad is also actively involved in the community as a producer for the Dick & Jane Project, a nonprofit that matches middle school kids with songwriters and producers to write and record radio ready songs. He’s also an active member of hip hop group, The 3rd, and his own production company, Elev8theGame.

By James Allison

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