Mix Master Ice

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Mix Master Ice has been hitting the decks for over 35 years. As an original member of the hip hop group, UTFO (Untouchable Force Organization), Mix Master Ice saw success in the 80’s with the hit single “Roxanne Roxanne.” Originally released as a b-side, “Roxanne Roxanne” received Gold status in the US in 1985 and lead to the cultural revolution of answer and response records. Back and forths between Roxanne Shanté and UTFO’s, Real Roxanne, sparked the legendary “Roxanne Wars” which went on to spawn 30 response records in the mid 80’s.

An active career with UTFO ended in the early 90’s and Mix Master Ice eventually landed in Columbus. He has been a DJ regular on the Columbus and International club scene, and is an honorary member of The Core DJ’s with DJ Scratch, DJ Evil E, and DJ Cash Money. In 2000, he was inducted to the Technic’s World DJ Hall of Fame and is a former advisor to the International Disc Jockey Trade Association.

Outside of scratching, Mix Master Ice has been active in Columbus as a mentor and manager to local hip hop and R&B acts. Flaunting his respect for the independent musician, Mix Master Ice has started up multiple ventures in online radio, social networks for hip hop artists, and web development resources for independent musicians.

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