Cloud Nothings

As a native of Cleveland, Ohio, Dylan Baldi never set out to make a band. Nor was there any intention behind Cloud Nothings’ formation. It was just one of those "simple happenstance of concurrent events" that birthed one of Indie Rock’s most currently enamored post punk pop bands.

Alright, maybe it wasn’t that simple. Baldi is clearly a talented songwriter who’s made a lot of the right moves and put in a ton of work. In 2009, a smattering of solo recordings by Baldi made it online under various MySpace pseudonyms, including the now renowned Cloud Nothings. After being contacted by a promoter in Brooklyn for a show with budding contemporaries, Woods and Real Estate, Baldi jumped on the opportunity to perform with a hastily assembled band. Cloud Nothings was officially in motion

A debut EP made the rounds on various labels before Cloud Nothings landed at Car Park Records as a one-man band. A self-titled debut followed to favorable reviews, but Baldi speaks of a grueling process that followed its release. Playing to near empty clubs and living on the bare minimum for two years weighed hard on Cloud Nothings, but it also helped spawn a dramatic shift for their next record.

By 2012, Cloud Nothings evolved to incorporate the full live band. Now consisting of Baldi, drummer, Jayson Gerycz, bassist, TJ Duke, and (now former) guitarist, Joe Boyer, the band the studio to record their second full length, Attack on Memory, with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio. What resulted was a pummeling collection of noise-rock purposefulness that transformed the band’s fortunes and made its mark. 2014’s Here and Nowhere Else saw the band build on Attack on Memory’s success and a collaborative effort between Baldi and Wavves’s Nathan Williams resulted in the LP, No Life for Me, in 2015.

These days, Cloud Nothings still calls Cleveland, Ohio home. Having recently teased fans with claims of finishing up a new record, fans have been left waiting for details on a new release. Hints of electronic influence and an abandonment of pop song structure have been hinted by Baldi in recent interviews. But while we’re left waiting, we’re happy to have them come demonstrate where seven years of commitment and drive has gotten them as they headline Independents’ Day 2016.

By James Allison

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