The kID Moon Ranch

Presented by The United Way of Central Ohio

About The kID Moon Ranch:

Kids’ Independents’ Day was established in 2015 to create a “festival within a festival” for children. This year we will continue to provide a fun and educational place for kids to interact within the festival, and within their community. The 2016 kID theme is Moon Ranch, and will include a full lunar set, complete with a farm house, barn, and moon creatures. kID will launch 11:30 a.m. and land at 6:00 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday – join us!

Last year, we took the best parts of the larger Independents’ Day Festival and created custom activities and programming to inspire and spark the imaginations of our younger citizens. We proudly partnered with a wide variety of local businesses and organizations to provide an experience that reflected the values of the overall festival. kID also included the festival’s first private nursing and diaper-changing station – an area we hope to grow this year as the festival becomes even more family-friendly.

kID is truly a space that allows children ownership over their creativity, their imagination, and the role they play both within the festival and in our Columbus community.

Saturday Schedule:

11:30am - The Shazzbots

1pm - Turtle Lady

2:15pm - Battle Talez

3pm - Improv with the Shazzbots

3:30pm - ACPA Band Lab Program

4:30pm - Improv with The Shazzbots

5pm – kID Dance Party with Mr. Chuck

Sunday Schedule:

11:30am – The Shazzbots

12:30pm – Thurber House

1pm – Cooking Caravan

3pm – Improv with The Shazzbots

3:30pm – Cowboy Dad And Jojo Bean

4:30pm – Improv with The Shazzbots

5pm – Funk Worthy